Planetary Imager


  • Release 0.7.0 available.
  • Now running on all major operating system: Linux, Windows and OSX
Planetary Imager application window

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About Planetary Imager

Planetary Imager is a fast, simple to use software for solar system imaging.

It was mainly developed for Linux systems, but it's now available also for Windows and Mac OSX. It is the software I have used for most of my planetary images in the Gallery.

Currently supports V4L2, ZWO and QHY devices.


  • Fast fps rate
  • Simple installation
  • Edge detection filter for focus help
  • 16bit support
  • ROI and bin
  • Histogram
  • Detachable and moveable panels, to customize appearance and usability
  • Recording in SER and other video format (depending on installed libraries)
  • Networking mode (daemon and frontend)
  • Presets for camera controls
  • Night mode
  • Time lapse