Planetary Imager



Source code

GIT source repository: GitHub page

Binary packages

How to install binary packages:

Download the correct package for your architecture ( run uname -m to check if you're not sure). Double click the package, or use a command line package manager (dpkg -i <file> for ubuntu or debian, yum install <file> for fedora, etc).

If on an Ubuntu or Debian system the package manager complains about missing dependencies, you can fix it by running apt-get -f install, and then trying again the installation process. You might also encounter a conflict with libqhy if you also installed indi packages. This will be addressed properly in a future release, for now you can force the installation of PlanetaryImager:

sudo dpkg --force overwrite -i PlanetaryImager-<package-version>.deb

Building OSX bundles

An osx bundle is usually released together with binary snapshots and stable releases.

If you want to build a bundle from sources, however, you can either use the scripts in the support directory, or even better use this scripts provided by Eric Vickery.

Stable Release:

Version 0.7.0 is now available: